Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Police: Woman Attacked Husband With Frozen Lasagna.

An Atlantic Beach woman was taken into police custody after investigators said she used frozen lasagna to serve up violence instead of serving it for dinner.
Amanda Trott is charged with domestic battery after police said she attacked her husband with the frozen food during an argument."Mr. Trott claimed that Mrs. Trott had slapped him across the face several times and threw a frozen lasagna at him that struck him at the top of his head," said Sgt. David Cameron.He said the incident began last weekend when officers were called to the Sea Oats Apartments after neighbors called them with concerns about the Trotts' children.Police said they confronted the couple and Amanda Trott eventually confessed to hitting and attacking her husband."In my opinion, it hurts very much and will cause welts. It's like throwing a block of ice, and it's very heavy," Cameron said.Amanda Trott is charged with domestic battery. Her husband was taken into custody on unrelated charges."Later during the investigation, they discovered that Mr. Trott had a violation of injunction. He was also arrested," Cameron said.The Trotts' children have been place in the care of a neighbor, according to a police report.


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